Program Overview

Experience a digital conference program that is designed to transform your organization from the inside out

We believe the path to a regenerative future requires maturity in five key practice areas: purpose, brand influence, governance, operations & supply chain, and products & services. The SB Turkey’20 program tracks are built around these five pillars, so you can drive change at scale across your entire organization.





Discover powerful cutting-edge tools you can use to inspire desirable consumer behavior change at scale.
Create healthy and inclusive workplaces, turn employees into brand advocates and cultivate integral systems-thinking future leaders.
Evolve operations, logistics, purchasing, procurement and supply chains toward shared value, restoration and resilience.


Learn how to define, articulate, embed and activate purpose successfully, as well as how to avoid “purpose washing.”
Harness the power of effective storytelling to help influence culture, while driving stronger stakeholder relationships and brand value.
Measure risk and impact, set science-based goals, plan for circularity, regeneration and net positivity, and master integrated reporting.
Meet top-notch regeneration-driven innovators from around the world, including case studies making headlines on six continents.
Explore the most impactful product and service innovation frameworks at the intersection of regeneration and business value.





An avalanche of trends and market drivers that set the tone.

Deep – Dive Hubs

Interactive Hubs where participants have the opportunity to explore innovative transformation tools, participate in cross-innovation methods, share feedback on case studies, engage with change makers to catalyze real-time collaboration that allow for deeper connections and concrete outcomes.


Experts from all over the world come together to create innovative and proactive solutions for the protection of oceans, seas and plastic elimination. SB Oceans side event is on September 17th!