SB Turkey'21

September 15-16-17 | Online


Now More Important Than Ever!

As we return to a post-pandemic world, the urgent need for transformational change on a global scale is undeniable. Recovering, vulnerable economies add another multifaceted challenge to a long list of sustainability crises we are facing – from climate, to water, to deforestation, to biodiversity loss, to inequality, to injustice, to corruption and disinformation.

At this point, one thing is precise:

“Purposeful brands enhance customer loyalty, keep their employees happy, and outperform their competitors. The purpose is the driving force of a thriving business, and sustainable innovation sets leaders apart from others.”

The global event for the largest community of purpose-driven brands and leaders, Sustainable Brands Turkey’21 offers inspiration, resources, and guidance towards unlocking the power of regenerative business. SB Turkey’21, the flagship conference for purpose-driven business, is the longest-standing Sustainable Brands event. SB Turkey’21 will be held on September 15th-17th virtually.

Better brands are moving past ‘doing less harm’ to drive regenerative models that renew, restore, and grow. Attend Sustainable Brands’ flagship conference for the latest insights to drive better business practices at your organization.

Sustainable Brands events bring together an international community of change agents. Join the brightest minds in sustainability, virtually, to step forward into the upcoming decade of regeneration and realize the vibrant future that we need.



Come and sit at the front line of change. Hear from visionaries who are culturally-attuned, purpose-driven, action-oriented and focused on delivering good growth for brands, consumers, the planet, and society as a whole.​


Engage your creative thinking as carefully curated panels of subject-matter experts share new approaches to creating positive impact. You’ll understand the challenges brands face when working towards a sustainable economy.

A Roadmap for Results

Experience a conference program that is designed to transform your organization from the inside out.

Marka Etkisi Brand Influence

Brand Influence

The journey toward consistently leveraging the power of marketing, communications, PR and other stakeholder engagement to drive a systemic shift toward a healthier, happier and more balanced world.​
Amaç Purpose


The journey toward defining, articulating, embedding and fully activating environmental and/or social purpose beyond producing profit.​
Yönetişim Governance


The journey toward transparency, integrity and leadership in governance, as well as the absence of any conflicts or misalignment with the other four pillars of becoming a sustainable brand.​
Tedarik Zinciri Operations Supply Chain

Operations and Supply Chain

The journey toward operations and supply chain that do no harm to either society or the environment, while also healing and restoring parts of nature and society as necessary for overall resilience and flourishing.​
Ürün Hizmetler Products Services

Products and Services

The journey toward designing and delivering products and services that result in sustainable outcomes across the whole life cycle and along the whole value chain.​





Nina Glass

Nina Glass

Leadership Advisory and Sustainability Consultant | Eric Salmon & Partners

Ali Rez

Ali Rez

Regional Creative Director | Impact BBDO Dubai


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You Belong Here!

Attend sessions like these to find out how your organizational role can accelerate impact.

Marketing & Communications

  • Sparking collective imagination and shaping aspirational narratives about a flourishing future to pursue​
  • Collaborating for culture change and the power of the CMO-CSO connection
  • Engaging Gen Z, ‘sustainability natives’ and other emerging stakeholder groups key to breakthrough transformation

ESG & Positive Impact

  • Principles of regenerative economics and the future of sustainability strategies
  • Quantifying total impact and setting science-based goals for carbon, water, forests, plastic and more​
  • New tools for engaging suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders for timely delivery of the SDGs​

Purpose, People & Leadership

  • Developing the skills and attributes of inclusive, collaborative and regenerative business leadership
  • Connecting employees’ personal purpose with brand purpose for increased motivation and productivity
  • Rethinking lobbying efforts for better alignment with sustainability strategy and brand values​

Product & Service Design

  • Designing products and services for the three big R’s of regeneration: restoration, renewal, resilience
  • Breakthrough new business models turning waste to resource and enabling reduction of carbon footprints at scale​
  • Stakeholder-centric innovation leading to radical inclusion and unprecedented shared value​
SB Brands For Good

SB Brands For Good

"Driving Change Together"

Unleashing the power of brands to make sustainable lifestyles desirable. SB Brands For Good will be on 17th of September!​