Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023



12 - 13 -14 SEPTEMBER 2023

Sustainable Brands Turkey

12 -13- 14 September 2023

Sustainable Brands

Gain new insights.
Make transformative connections. 

Turn ideas to ACTIONS.

Sustainable Brands Turkey  is the global event for regenerative brands and leaders. Join us at SB Turkey 2023, September 12-13-14 as we focus on Regenerating Local. Find a unique mix of inspiration, thought leadership, unparalleled community and connections.

At SB Turkey 2023, participants are immersed in a fun, safe space to learn. Together we define and demonstrate the path to good growth, unlocking the power of sustainable and regenerative business.

Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023


Come and sit at the front line of change. Hear from visionaries who are culturally-attuned, purpose-driven, action-oriented and focused on delivering good growth for brands, consumers, the planet, and society as a whole.

Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023


Engage your creative thinking as carefully curated panels of subject-matter experts share new approaches to creating positive impact. You’ll understand the challenges brands face when working toward a sustainable economy.

Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023


Tailor your experience to the needs of your business through deep-dive workshops. Designed to equip you with the tools you need to succeed, workshops address key topics, common pain points, and actionable solutions.

Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023

Special Events

Get together, co-create, connect with the Sustainable Brands community. Relax with meditation and yoga. We create opportunities for you to take mental breaks between sessions.


Experience a conference program that is designed to transform your organization from the inside out. Tap to learn more.

Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023

Activating Brand Purpose

Learning how to define, articulate, embed and activate purpose. Including how to serve: people, progress, planet and profit successfully.
Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023

Shifting Consumer Demand & Behavior

Harnessing effective storytelling and new tools to help connect with culture, shift demand toward sustainable lifestyles and inspire desirable behavior change at scale.
Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023

Transformative Governance & Metrics

Building a corporate culture that delivers good growth, leadership and organizational capability building, with goal setting measurement and reporting that’s fit for a regenerative and just economy.
Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023

Regenerative Operastions & Supply Chain

Evolving operations, logistics, purchasing, procurement and supply chain management toward shared value, restoration and resilience.
Sustainable Brands Turkey 2023

Next-Generation Design & Business Innovation

Exploring the most impactful product and service innovation currently gaining momentum at the intersection of regeneration and business value.

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William McDonough

William McDonough
Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

marci zaroff

Marci Zaroff
Founder & CEO
ECOfashion Crop

john grant

John Grant
Greener Marketing

Sandy Skees

Sandy Skees
EVP / Global Lead, Purpose & Impact
Porter Novelli



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You Belong Here

Attend sessions like these to find out how your organizational role can accelerate impact.

Marketing & Communications

  • Sparking collective imagination and shaping aspirational narratives about a flourishing future to pursue 
  • Collaborating for culture change and the power of the CMO-CSO connection 
  • Engaging Gen Z, ‘sustainability natives’ and other emerging stakeholder groups key to breakthrough transformation 

CSR & Sustainability

  • Principles of regenerative economics and the future of sustainability strategies
  • Quantifying total impact and setting science-based goals for carbon, water, forests, plastic and more
  • New tools for engaging suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders for timely delivery of the SDGs

People & Leadership

  • Developing the skills and attributes of inclusive, collaborative and regenerative business leadership
  • Connecting employees’ personal purpose with brand purpose for increased motivation and productivity
  • Rethinking lobbying efforts for better alignment with sustainability strategy and brand values

Product & Service Design

  • Designing products and services for the three big R’s of regeneration: restoration, renewal, resilience
  • Breakthrough new business models turning waste to resource and enabling reduction of carbon footprints at scale
  • Stakeholder-centric innovation leading to radical inclusion and unprecedented shared value